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Sark Ohanian


“I take great pride in representing employees who have been treated unfairly and forced to work in degrading environments by their employers.  Employees often feel powerless and afraid to speak up for themselves.  They end up enduring hostile treatment mainly because they financially need to work and feed their families.  It is a professional and personal honor for me to be able to step in and stand up for employee rights and to seek positive change in the workplace.”

For more than a decade, Sark Ohanian has practiced personal injury litigation with a focus on discrimination and life-changing injuries.  In 2006, Sark won an important jury trial in which it was established that California dentists cannot discriminate against HIV-positive patients.  In 2009, Sark was co-counsel in a successful jury trial where the plaintiff was beaten by his landlord’s security guard and suffered brain damage.  And, in 2011, Sark obtained a significant settlement from the U.S. Army on behalf of a CZ&R client who was a Hong Kong national.  The client was severely injured when the U.S. Army negligently drove a Humvee on a civilian highway.  Sark upholds the Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley philosophy that attorneys must truly connect with their clients in order to effectively present their cases to a jury and judge.  Sark graduated from Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

A few of Attorney Sark Ohanian’s recent cases include: 

Settled a case for $150,000 for an employee who worked for an employer for 5 months and was subjected to racial epithets in the workplace.

Represented an employee (a manager) who was fired by the owner of the company for speaking out about the unfair treatment  of his subordinates.

Representing an employee who has been subjected to discrimination by employer (Abercrombie & Fitch) based on her sexual orientation.

Sark is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association.

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